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  • 8 completely worthwhile minutes of your time.

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  • jewist:

    the worst is having a dream where someone loves you and you can practically feel them touching you and it feels so real and then you wake up and it’s like the life is being sucked out of you and the happiness just drains out of your body and you feel empty again

    The fact that this has almost 900,000 it’s at once depressing (that’s a lotta lonely people) and encouraging (I’m not the only one!

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  • Few things can rival the piercing, white-hot pain and humiliation from getting hit in the balls.

  • Was NOT expecting that face.

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  • Honestly having trouble giving a damn about anything today/just generally feeling pissed off at everything in life right now.

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    Does Fox News like go out of their way to hire assholes or are they just risibly incompetent?

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  • conclusivelyelusive:


    i go through periods of 

    “i’m so fucking cool and awesome and hot. I would date me” 

    followed by 

    “i’m so fucking ugly why do people talk to me i’m such a loser” 

    followed by 


    followed by 

    “oh my god everyone is so fucked up i hate people and want to die.”

    All before 9am

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  • Soooo my dash finally did a thing…

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  • "Sadistic larceny!"

    In which Ichabod is, again, 100% perfection.

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  • richardjenna:

    a person: I want to know more about Clara, she has no space in the series, no characteristics, no character development

    a year later

    the same person: what is this show? Clara WHO?

    me: seriously?

    It’s one of the fundamental laws of reality that Doctor Who fans will always find something to bitch about.

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  • Ben’s face in that first gif is pretty much how I would react to this as well.

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    You know, I think spending over a decade of your life with either Clint Barton OR Tony Stark will wear your face down into the same default expression.


    …I know that look.


    i need a movie that’s just pepper and nat and loki having a night on the town being sassy bitches and swapping war stories about their ridiculous pet superheroes

    ridiculous pet superheroes

    I never realized that I wanted this to be a thing until now.

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  • themelodicshag asked : How's your life been?

    Pretty well! Worked my first day at Chipotle and it went pretty great. The crew there is very supportive and friendly ; actually, they’re more like a team than a crew, which is great, since that place gets lines out the door every day and you gotta have people that can work well together so everything doesn’t fall apart. I’m actually NOT dreading going back there. Also we get free meals and the uniforms are pretty cool because all you gotta wear is a Chipotle tshirt and military-style cap, which are both things you can actually style with.

    School’s been good too actually - lowest grade I’ve gotten so far has been a B+ so that’s pretty cool. Still got NO idea what I wanna do as far as my bachelor’s degree though, so that’s pretty stressfull. Also need to start studying so I can try to test out of as many remedial math classes as possible. Meant to start doing that 2 months ago and still haven’t had a chance because I’ve either been hecka busy or hecka tired. So yeah, that’s definitely not good. But on the bright side I’ve formed a super geeky history study group and have actually made some friends (!!!!). I don’t know quite what to do with ‘em though - how much attention do I need to give them? How much is too much? How often should they feed? How do I keep ‘em? HALP

    So anyways, over all, pretty good with an underlying current of educational stress. What’s new with you?

    (Oh and I got a new laptop (finally) and it runs Skyrim at like 50 FPS so that’s been pretty killer.)

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