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seen on my face book feed(Anti-vaccination, modern)


who has ever thought this ever

Don’t let your children drink water it might make them think drinking other clear liquids is okay do you want your child drinking bleach

don’t let your children walk, it might make them think its okay to walk away from home

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure not even people who use heroin believe it is beneficial.

Don’t let your child breathe air. Studies have shown thatin the event of a fire, children who breathe in air are much more likely to breathe in smoke than children who’ve never breathed air.

Don’t have a child. 100% of children grow up and die. You’re literally condemning your own children to die.

And this is why I avoid Facebook as much as possible. I mean, there are some good things on there but otherwise? Nuh-uh.

Y’know, I used to want to be an astrophysicist. Used to. Then I realized that I have neither the brains nor the aptitude. Used to think I wanted to major in biology, but now I’m starting to rethink that too, since even bio requires a good grounding in calculus and statistics, and when you’re me (aka, having to take up to 3 semesters of super-crappy remedial math classes), reaching the point where I can handle those subjects seems nigh impossible. If I fail any of my remedial math classes, I’m just gonna drop out - if I can’t handle remedial math I shouldn’t be pursuing a STEM degree and am just wasting my time/money in college.  And even if I DO manage to claw my way through my remedial classes I’ll still be graduating a year late…

So yeah, you could say I’m feeling very discouraged right now.

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